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Seasonal Menu

Seasonal Food

$15.00Country Fried Pork Ribeye

Panko encrusted fried Pork Ribeye served over a bed of garlic whipped mashed potatoes topped with red eye gravy, and choice of one side

$11.00Avo Burger

Avocado spread, provolone, spring mix, sundried tomato aioli, onion, and tomato cooked to your liking and your choice of one side

$8.00Cheesy Skins

Fresh fried potato skins with melted cheddar and bacon bits served with sour cream

$6.00Mac & Cheese Bites

Made from scratch Mac & Cheese coated with seasoned panko bread and fried to perfection

$12.00Mamma Hamm’s Meatloaf Sandwich

Roasted to perfection meatloaf topped with BBQ sauce, pepperjack cheese, grilled onions and roasted red peppers served on bayberry bread, and choice of one side item

$15.00Grilled Tenderloin Tips Pasta

Tenderloin tips, rotini noodles, onions, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese. Tossed in a tomato basil sauce

$13.00Pesto Shrimp Pizza

Pizza dough rolled to order with pesto, mozzarella, onions, tomatoes, topped with basil and parmesan cheese



$3.00Mac & Cheese

Seasonal Drinks

$8.00 Vanilla Bourbon Cherry Smash

Bourbon, Vanilla, Cherries, Lemon Juice

$7.00Fireball Cider

Fireball Whiskey, Apple Cider, Splash of


Bailey, Butterscotch, Kahlua, Vodka, Cream

$7.00Whiskey Collins

Bulleit Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Club Soda, Sugar

$7.00Cucumber Raspberry Refresher

Cucumber Vodka, Raspberry Vodka mint, simple syrup, topped with club soda

Moscow Mule

Blue: Blueberry Vodka | Ginger Beer | Lime Juice | Blue Cuaraco 8

Red: Red Label | Ginger Beer | Lime Juice 8

Strawberry: Strawberry Vodka | Ginger Beer | Lime Juice 8

Classic: Titos | Ginger Beer | Lime Juice 8

$5.00Ace Cider


$5.00Destihl Sour Variety


$5.00Satin Solitude

Imperial Stout

$7.00Maui Coconut

$5.00El Sully

Mexican Lager

$5.00Go Play IPA

$6.00Stone Delicious IPA

$6.00Nitro Milk Stout

$6.00Rocky Revenge

Imperial Brown

$5.00Schlafly Seasonal

$5.00Brooklyn Lager

Items & Prices Are Subject To Change